Hangout (#6812)

You see a room with comfortable chairs, a TV, stereo, refrigerator and many computers. In the room are: 2 eMacs, 1 G4 Server, 16 Brand New iMacs and a Smart Board. There are also several printers, any of which will work at a given time, we hope! Games are everywhere. Help youself. Come in, relax and enjoy!

You see ComfyCouchForFour, The Generic Troll, <Nienna>, Leeroy_Beckerton2, George, Wiggley, Romulus, Andromeda (Hologram), MOOYathzee, integrated seat and detail room, and Fluffer here.
MattDavis, Hollie, SquidMan, MeMy, iniqweety, Even ?SnOOzing?, Mark_VI_Shaney, Myra (snoring, LOUDLY), and Omni are here.

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