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Showing help on Hangout (#6812)

Welcome to Hangout, (#6812) owned by Myra (#8045)

--- Objects in Hangout ---

There is a couch in this room, you could sit on

it by typing, sit on couch. If there are many

people on it, it will kick someone off. To stand

up from it you can type stand from couch.

George is here. He is the friendly dog who greets


--- The Policy of Hangout ---

Myra does not allow weapons here, swearing is

not permitted, and nor is violence. Do not push

Myra, don't forget, she is a Guardian and could

newt you. Mocking people/Name calling is not liked

by her. The main point is be Nice, especially to

your favorite Guardian, Myra!

**Help File made by Roosterman (#2322)**

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