Setup for Hangout (#6812).

Object setup.

Object name:<font color=#005555>H</font><font color=#FF00FF>a</font><font color=#FFFF00>n</font><font color=#00FF00>g</font><font color=#005555>o</font><font color=#FF00FF>u</font><font color=#FFFF00>t</font>
Location:Housekeeper (#58)
Parent:the generic enhanced room (#1606)
Owner:Myra (#8045)
You see a room with comfortable chairs, a TV, stereo, refrigerator and many computers. In the room are: 2 eMacs, 1 G4 Server, 16 Brand New iMacs and a Smart Board. There are also several printers, any of which will work at a given time, we hope! Games are everywhere. Help youself. Come in, relax and enjoy!

Physical setup.

Anchor: unanchored
Key/lock: unreadable

Room setup

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