Main Living Area [Stormorken's Apartment] (#3735)

The apartment appears to exist...nowhere really. It's just...there. The apartment is rather spacious for just being a one room apartment. All of the traditional rooms of a home are represented here. The walls of the apartment are concrete. There are only two windows in the apartment. The one in the main living area is covered up by cardboard that has been taped together and painted over with black paint. The kitchen area window is wide open and a cool, gentle breeze flows through the window; circulated throughout the apartment by ceiling fans. The kitchen area itself is clean and bright, unlike the rest of the apartment. The bathroom is the only truly room-like area. Separated by two walls of corrugated metal, it consists of a toilet and a bathtub/shower with mirrors all around it. A medicine cabinet sits above the toilet. Thin wooden walls and a door, all stolen from a theatre props storage room, separate the bedroom/office area from the rest of the apartment. The main living area consists of three couches, a few leather high-backed armchairs, a large rectangular coffee table and an entertainment centre with a large TV, a stereo system, and every non-Microsoft video game console plus tons of games, DVDs, CDs and old-fashioned VHS tapes.

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