Earth (#1000)

It is currently daytime in Ottawa, Canada.

You see DT Region, Generic Active Object, Screeing Room, Catwalk [VT], Raptor's Office [VT], Main Foyer [VT], The Emporium (First Floor) [DT], Administration Building [DT], Post Office [DT], The Gopher Hole, Generic Tutor's Toy, Generic Apartment [MCA], Generic Apartment Floor [MCA], StarFleet Headquarters, Junk Pile [DT], MOO Gaming HUB, the path to Maud's House, Maud's House: Maud's Bedroom, Maud's Bedroom: Walk in closet, Gohan's House, Gohan's Room, Pokemon Stadium, Conservatory Entry, South Conservatory Station, South River Station, Kristin's Palace, Qubit's Living room, the Collegium, Watery Palace, ~ skyscraper heart ~, Tacvek's Living Room, Penguin, Melki's Barn, AOL, out, 9898, the stick, Demon's lair, Tanglewood, Velvet Green, and WhizLand here.

This room has no conventional exits.

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