Setup for Schoolbook Depository [DT] (#529).

Object setup.

Object name:Schoolbook Depository [DT]
Location:Junk Pile [DT] (#2463)
Parent:the generic enhanced room (#1606)
Owner:DT_Landlady (#9799)
Here, the MOO librarians stock all the necessary documents that will make your stay at MOO Canada easier. It's here that tutorials and other such information can be found. There is an atmosphere of the learned here, complete with the smells of stale coffee and old books. Feel free to browse the various shelves full of just that type of thing. Reccomended reading? Why, Odo's Programmer's Tutorial, of course! Truly a MOO Canada classic from back in the old days, up there with War and Peace, Anne of Green Gables, and Linux for Beginners.The nearby street corner is to the <A xch_cmd="northwest">northwest</A>.

Physical setup.

Anchor: The Emporium (First Floor) [DT] (#6060)
Key/lock: unreadable

Room setup

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