Examining Schoolbook Depository [DT] (#529)

Owned by DT_Landlady.
Location Junk Pile [DT].
Child of the generic enhanced room (#1606) [Examine].
Has no children.
Contains 5 objects.

2 properties on Schoolbook Depository [DT] (#529) [Examine]
.halloweenCatspaw (#7921){"The Schoolbook Depository stores documents, tutorials and other information", "pertaining to the MOO. However, right now the whole building is freezing", "cold like a freezer and there is a layer of snow and ice on the ground.", "Relaxing against on...
.map_iconDT_Landlady (#9799)rc"http://files.moo.ca/9/6/3/icon_tower2.gif"

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0 verbs on Schoolbook Depository [DT] (#529) [Examine]
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0 files on Schoolbook Depository [DT] (#529) [Examine]

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