Setup for The Wizzen (#558).

Object setup.

Object name:The Wizzen
Parent:Generic MSP Object (#300)
Owner:Dax (#789)
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "<%=this.www_doctype_fpi%>" "<%=this.www_doctype_uri%>"><HTML><HEAD><%this:tell_www_head(@args)%></HEAD><BODY <%=this.www_body_args%>><img src="" WIDTH=221 HEIGHT=391 align="right" alt="[Candice the M.I.B. - MOOer In Black!]"><H1><></H1><p>The Wizzen is the admistration body of <%=$name%>. They build the Moo, keep it running, and do their best to keep its users happy. They have the power to do anything, and are ultimately responsible for the Moo. This is who they are:</p><dl><%wizzen = {};for w in (setremove($guardian:leaves(), $slacker)) wizzen = {@wizzen, {w, w:connected(`caller:isa($webber) && caller.user:isa($guardian) ! ANY') ? $maxint | w.last_disconnect_time}};endforwizzen = $list_utils:reverse($list_utils:slice($list_utils:sort_alist(wizzen, 2), 1));for w in (wizzen)%><dt><h3><%=$www:link(w)%></h3><%=w:rank()%> [<%=w:connected(`caller:isa($webber) && caller.user:isa($guardian) ! ANY') ? "Connected!" | "Last disconnected: " + player.user:ctime(w.last_disconnect_time)%>]<dd><%=$code_utils:verb_file_or_property(w, "www_wizzen_desc") || "[No comment]"%><br><% endfor %></dl><br><center><h4>To contact the Wizzen, use the <%=$www:link(#560, "Feedback Form")%>.</h4></center>This page has been visited <%=this.www_counter%> times.<% this:tell_www_tail(@args); %></BODY></HTML><!-- Last modified by Dax (#789) on Wed Jul 31 14:55:07 2002 MDT. -->
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