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The Wizzen

The Wizzen is the admistration body of Moo Canada. They build the Moo, keep it running, and do their best to keep its users happy. They have the power to do anything, and are ultimately responsible for the Moo. This is who they are:

Myra (snoring, LOUDLY)

Guardian [Last disconnected: Tue Mar 31 18:29:09 2020 MDT]
[No comment]


Wizard [Last disconnected: Mon Mar 30 14:58:20 2020 MDT]
[No comment]


Wizard [Last disconnected: Sat Mar 28 20:09:06 2020 MDT]
The ServerWiz. Known for implementing gigantic fixes for tiny bugs and tiny fixes for gigantic bugs, not to mention a distinct love of blowing things up. (And yes, he's the ServerWiz. No, we don't understand how this happened, either.) He is never bitter, deceptive or petty. We swear!


Guardian [Last disconnected: Tue Feb 26 06:01:54 2019 MST]
Writes a lot of code, and in the process generates lots of complaints about things that are broken in one way or another. Somtimes he even writes up fixed versions to be "cooked" by a wizard. He's also the second-oldest active player on the MOO - only killeen and Slacker are older.


Wizard [Last disconnected: Wed Aug 16 06:55:21 2017 MDT]
Wizard in Scotland. When he's not online, he is chasing wild haggis across the glens and lochs.


Wizard [Last disconnected: Thu Jan 26 14:11:45 2006 MST]
A squirrel. No, really, just look at me!

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