Pokemon Stadium (#4503)

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As you walk through the entrance, your tension builds as you may be about to make history in the Pokemon textbooks. You can finally see a light ahead. You run towards it, trying to get out of the darkness. Then, you enter a Pokemon stadium for the first time!
It is a glorious day in your history to finally make it to an official Pokemon Battle Stadium. The crowds are cheering for the contestants, waiting to see what may be the best battle in the history of Pokemon.
There is a line drawn in the middle of the stadium, representing sides. In the center of that line, there is a huge ring shaped like a Pokeball. Your pokemon is supposed to stand at the edge of that ring on your side, facing your opponent.
the only thing you can think of at the moment is whether or not you will win the match. Only time and your training skills will tell
The ground beneath you is sandy in texture and very dry in the blazing sun. It is a light-brown colour, bleached from the sun since there is no roof.

This room has no conventional exits.

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