This page is maintained for historical purposes. The current version is being built at Pueblo/UE.


Pueblo is a specialised Telnet Client made specifically for MOOs, MUDs, MUSHs, and various other M**s.

Its basic features include split output textbox, your choice of fonts and colours, and a "Personal World List" that can store automatic login information.

Its advanced features are a small web-browser (called "Web Tracker"), plus HTML rendering in the Telnet window. Pueblo also supports a series of it's own ML tags for playing sounds, music, using plugins, opening new input windows ("Panes"), and VRML.

How to set up Pueblo for Moo Canada

  1. Install Pueblo by downloading and running pblo201.exe (3.96Mb)
  2. Once it has been installed, immediately download and run pueblo.reg to automatically add "Moo Canada, Eh?" and to "register" it.

The reason that you need to "register" Pueblo is because it is no longer supported by it's developers, the former Chaco Communications, and so there is no way to register it legitimately. This patch really only keeps the irritating "You need to register..." messages away.

NOTE: Run this Registry file ONLY if you haven't made a Personal World List already. It will erase all previous entries!

Pueblo Source Code

Want to make your own Pueblo Client? Download the Source! (ZIP file, 2.73Mb) The Andromedia Public License is included with the source.

For more information, see the Cubik Project's Pueblo Mirror.

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