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Moo Telnet Clients

Telnet is the best way to use Moo Canada. Telnet is a simple command-line interface that allows you to type commands and messages. It is much faster and much more fun than the web interface.

If you know what you're doing, just connect to moo.ca, port 7777, with local echo on.

If you are new to Telnet, start with the Java Telnet client.

Once you get the hang of it, try upgrading to one of the better clients listed below:
  Browsers | MS Windows | Mac OS | UNIX/Linux



* MOOzilla is an HTML rendering Moo client, developed as a plugin for Mozilla or Netscape. It is free software, and has been developed by the staff of Moo Canada to become the ideal client for use on this Moo.

Java Client

* The Java Client is used to connect to the Moo via your web browser. It requires a browser with Java installed and enabled.

MS Windows


* Pueblo is a very interesting, easy-to-use, and dynamic Moo client. It supports the rendering of HTML within the Moo's text interface, and supports several specialized ML tags that allow music and sounds to be displayed through the client. Oh yeah, and it's free!


* PuTTY is a free Telnet/SSH client. It is a self-contained .exe file, and it fits easily on a single floppy disk! Good clean reliable client.


* zMUD is a popular Windows MUD client, which also works on MOOs. It's packed with a bazillion features, and then some extra ones too. Download it and you can try it for 30 days before buying. If you want a full featured client, this is one for you. More useful on MUDs than on Moos.


* CRT is a reliable terminal emulator for Windows that's easy to use and highly customizable. It is avalible only for a 'testing' period for free, you must pay to register the whole program. It is a very useful Moo client, while it does not support major add-on features, it is a rock solid base client.

Mac OS


* Rapscallion is currently the Mac client of choice on many MUDs, MOOs, MUSHes, MUVEs, chat servers and others, and some of its more unusual features make it ideal for other uses, such as the Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Tucows says: "Finally, a decent, modern MUD client for the Mac. This MUD client has a number of great features including color ANSI, multi-channel sessions, triggers, blocks and more."


* BetterTelnet for Mac OS is a significantly enhanced version of NCSA Telnet 2.7b5. It is just as flexible to configure, but adds more features, tons of bug fixes for true stability, and many new options.
Best of all, BetterTelnet is free software, and the source code is reusable under the GNU General Public License (GPL)!



* TinyFugue is the best UNIX based MUD and Moo client around. This client provides everything you would ever want in a Moo client. From triggers, to hooks, to macros, to a split screen view, this is a beautiful baby. Download the gzipped tar file of the source (it must be compiled to be used). You can even use the source for compiliation on a non-UNIX machine, such as Windows.


* RMOO is a Moo client for use within GNU Emacs, the operating-system-like text editor for UNIX machines. RMOO is a lisp extension to Emacs that connects to Moos, and supports features such as local editing of mail, Moo code, notes, and files. Newer versions of RMOO support Emacspeak for Emacs, which helps blind users Moo effectively. Because RMOO is an extension to emacs, it may be used with emacs on any operating system, including windows.

If your operating system isn't here or if you have any problems with these clients, please let us know. Also be sure to tell us if you know of any other good clients, and where to find them. We'll be happy to add them to this page!

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