Math Utilities (#33)

Trigonometric/Exponential functions:
sin(a),cos(a),tan(a) -- returns 10000*(the value of the corresponding
trigonometric function) angle a is in degrees.
arctan([x,]y) -- returns arctan(y/x) in degrees in the range -179..180.
x defaults to 10000. Quadrant is that of (x,y).
exp(x[,n]) -- calculates e^x with an nth order taylor polynomial

Statistical functions:
combinations(n,r) -- returns the number of combinations given n objects
taken r at a time.
permutations(n,r) -- returns the number of permutations possible given
n objects taken r at a time.

Number decomposition:
div(n,d) -- correct version of / (handles negative numbers correctly)
mod(n,d) -- correct version of % (handles negative numbers correctly)
divmod(n,d) -- {div(n,d),mod(n,d)}
parts(n,q[,i]) -- returns a list of two elements {integer,decimal fraction}

Other math functions:
sqrt(x) -- returns the largest integer n <= the square root of x
pow(x,n) -- returns x^n
factorial(x) -- returns x!

fibonacci(n) -- returns the 1st n fibonacci numbers in a list
geometric(x,n) -- returns the value of the nth order geometric series at x

Integer Properties:
gcd(a,B) -- find the greatest common divisor of the two numbers
lcm(a,B) -- find the least common multiple of the two numbers
are_relatively_prime(a,B) -- return 1 if a and b are relatively prime
is_prime(n) -- returns 1 if the number is a prime and 0 otherwise

random(n) -- returns a random number from 0..n if n > 0 or n..0 if n < 0
random_range(n[,mean]) -- returns a random number from mean - n..mean + n
with mean defaulting to 0
simpson({a,b},{f(a),f((a+B)/2),f(B)}) -- returns the numerical
approximation of an integral using simpson's rule

Bitwise Arithmetic:
AND(x,y) -- returns x AND y
OR(x,y) -- returns x OR y
XOR(x,y) -- returns x XOR y (XOR is the exclusive-or function)
NOT(x) -- returns the complement of x
All bitwise manipulation is of 32-bit values.

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