What is it?

MOOzilla is a cross-platform MOO client capable of rendering inline HTML directly from a MOO. It is similar to Pueblo, but it is capable of rendering much more HTML, and it is available on any platform which can run the Mozilla web browser. It has these incredible features:

Where can I get it?

MOOzilla is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License. All source code which is part of MOOzilla is enclosed inside the downloadable XPI file, which can be extracted using any unzip utility. Most of the source is contained inside moozilla.jar, which can also be extracted with an unzip utility.

The latest stable version of MOOzilla is 1.02. It was released January 5th, 2005. (Install or Download). This release supports Mozilla Firefox 1.0.

Please send all feedback to or to the MOOzilla mailing list.

MOOzilla's source is kept in a public Subversion repository. Subversion is source control software similar to CVS and Visual SourceSafe. The public repository is located at, and contains the most up-to-date source available. Note that the source available is not necessarily tested and made reliable. Part of MOOzilla's subversion repository is a document which describes how to convert MOOzilla from source into a usable piece of software.

What is planned for the future?

There are plans to release a stand-alone version of MOOzilla which does not require an existing Mozilla installation. For the time being, this may be Windows and MacOS X specific. Timeframe unknown.

I've got a great idea, or a question, or some feedback...

We've started a public mailing list for MOOzilla discussion and input. We'd like lots of people to join in and share their ideas and desires! The mailing list is being hosted on MOO Canada's list server,

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The latest MOOzilla release is up above, not down here!

VersionRelease DateLink
1.01December 26th, 2004Install | Download
1.00October 13th, 2003Install | Download
1.00pr1May 7th, 2003Install | Download
0.9.9February 19th, 2003Install | Download
0.9.8November 2nd, 2002Install | Download
0.9.8-pr-2002-10-19October 19th, 2002Install | Download
0.9.8-pr-2002-10-15October 15th, 2002Install | Download
0.9.7October 5th, 2002Install | Download
0.9.6May 31st, 2002Install | Download
0.9.5November 14th, 2001Install | Download
0.9September 1st, 2001Install | Download

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