Mail System (#47)

This is the database of mailing-list/mail-folder objects.
The basic procedure for creating a new list/folder is to create a child of $mail_recipient (Generic Mail Recipient) assign it a suitable name&aliases, set a suitable .mail_forward/.mail_notify (or create suitable :mail_forward() and :mail_notify() verbs) and then teleport it here.

Avaliable aliases:

Mail System is in Junk Pile [DT].

Contents: trade, webtalk, Microsoft, Sports, quotes, General, Advice, JohnstonTalk, Sentimental, ActiveNews, Shaneyisms, Great-MOO-Games, Programming Challenge, Mp3, Tasteless-Humour, webdesign, game-development, Good or Bad Food Recipes, Rainbow, mceh-core, pilot, Player-Destruction-Log, Happy Birthday, New Programmer Log, moving-out, crisis, core-commits, News, media, Self-Quoted-Out-Of-Context, Self-Quoted-Perfectly-In-Context, server-commits, New Year's Resolutions, writerstalk, MOOzilla, Request/Nyet-Log, testytesty, deMOOcracy, linux, macosx, Council, Suggestion-Box, MGBSU Newsletter, testtesttest, *Alt-Gen, progtalk, wiztalk, Emulation, suck, Quoted-Out-Of-Context, Quoted-Perfectly-In-Context, a fire extinguisher, Bah, Yay, private-wiztalk, 911, Player-Creation-Log, quake, unhandled_tracebacks, and Meyer's-Adventures-in-MOO-Canada-Eh?.

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