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The Moo Canada News Broadcast System
A mail folder for announcements, ideas, social commentary, etc. This newsgroup is maintained by the Wizzen as a central part of MOO Canada's communication system. One of the responsibilities of a newsgroup owner is the moderation of ones newsgroup, and as such, the Wizzen intend to moderate this newsgroup as follows: * As with all public newsgroups, posts that violate the MOO's social policies will be removed. * Blatant flaming, in the form of personal insults or contentless negatively emotioned posts, will be moved to a less visible newsgroup (such as *tiresome-debates) to help provide a high signal to noise ratio on this newsgroup. * All other posts and discussion are welcome on any topic. If a more specific newsgroup exists to discuss a topic, a request for the topic to be moved may be made.
A place to send quotes that people say on the MOO that are funny when taken out of context. Note: Dave will be quoted too many times here, so, if you find Dave not funn (how is that possible?) you may not like this newsgroup.
This is a newsgroup where Wizards announce and discuss changes they have made, and where players can petition Wizards to do their bidding.
Tired of not being able to send something to qooc because it was in context, but it was still hilarious? Send it here!
A mailer for any and all programming questions, annoucements, and generaly stuff that only programmers need to hear... NO CROSSPOSTING TO HERE AND *GENERAL!!!!
Advice for people who need it. It's anonymous and one of our _very local_ experts will try to help. Feel free to write in with concerns, small tidbits of advice (no matter how stupid you may think they are) or with problems that have been slowing you down.
Something good happen that you want to tell the world about? Send it here then!
Programming Challenge
Newsgroup for information or discussion of the programmig challenges dictated by $PC.
Something bad happen? Send it here!
This is a newsgroup were you can talk about ANYTHING that has to do with writing...wether it's peotry or story writing...put it here!
A newsgroup for quotes. They can be funny, beautifull, insightfull, whatever. Anything goes. ;)
A discussion group which concerns movies, music, TV, and everything else Media related. *media is a newgroup for you to post reviews of movies you've recently seen, CDs you just got, or concerts you've gone too. Everything is welcome.
For discussion of this superior OS, and the bashing of lesser OSes ... ie, anything by Microsoft.
A newsgroup to discuss Mark_VI_Shaney, or to post QOOCs or QPICs involving him.
Tasteless Humor. Muaha. Gotta love it =)
A newsgroup to discuss anything about sucking
Place to discuss democracy on the MOO.
A newsgroup for bugs and suggestions about the "MOO Canada, Eh?" Core. No technical support will be provided on this group, it is for bugs and suggestions only.
This is a newsgroup created with the intention of having a space for people to feel comfortable discussing sexuality and the gay culture without any of the awkwardness or judgement. This is an accepting and open space, designed for people to learn to be comfortable about themselves, or their friends, family, ideas, and anything else that they'd like to feel relaxed about. This is a group for open discussion and open debate so please be advised that the content is aimed at a mature audience. Also please be advised that this group is not intended to exclude ANYONE, merely to be a safe and accepting space for those who need one.
A newsgroup to discuss the creation and development of in-MOO games, both big and small, interactive and useless, etc. In general, fun stuff.
A replacement for *General with sane freedom-of-expression guarantees.
You're so clever, you planned to make a funny.
You're so clever, you made a funny without thinking.
Servers, sites, Requests, everything that has to do with mp3 and music files.
Killer Internet sites done with Flash, Shockwave, DHTML, and other design-related eye candy tricks.
A newsgroup created to hold ALL content regarding the current US situation. This includes the rumour mill, philosophical arguments [discussions?] about US Foreign Policy, and obviously the most up to date news (with links people!)
Questions and discussion on WWW-related topics such as HTML, CSS, and CGI.
A newsgroup devoted to HTML MOO clients, their development, and possible ways of using these powerful clients to their full extents. Bugs can be posted here, but I'm not sure if they will be addressed by the developers of MOOzilla.
A newsgroup about emulation. Console, CPU and Arcade.
A newsgroup for buying, selling, or trading anything.. Anything LEGAL, that is.
This can either be a mailing list or a mail folder, depending on what mood you're in... A newsgroup created with the purpose of providing information and help to prospective movers, or those who have and need advice.
Happy Birthday
This newsgroup is for all those missed birthdays!
Current news of Canada and the world. Updated Daily!
A newsgroup for questions and discussions about Microsoft and their products. However, please do not post messages with an anti-Microsoft theme, as that is the purpose of *microsoft-refugees.
New Year's Resolutions
Announce your New Year's resolutions here.
A mail recipient for talk about any and all games like Quake, Quake II, SiN, Daiktana, Half-life... in other words, games running deriatives of the Quake engine. Also anything about clans or mods for any of these games.
A private place to send to as an alternative to sending mail to all of the wizzen. All messages sent here are read by the wizzen, and we don't like reading things here that should be on *wiztalk, an open forum, rather than private.
New Programmer Log
A log of people becoming programmers.
This can either be a mailing list or a mail folder, depending on what mood you're in... A newsgroup for heartwarming/sentimental stories.
Whether you're already a pilot, interested in becoming a pilot, or would just like to know how to find an up-to-date weather forecast for any airport in Canada at 5:00am... this is a newsgroup for you!
This is where the transcripts are sent when you dial 911. It is also a place to sent private complaints to the wizards.
A newsgroup where CVS changes to the MCeh core will be automatically sent
This can either be a mailing list or a mail folder, depending on what mood you're in...
RAW is WAR, WCW Newgroups about wreslting..any kind, you got questions? missed a show? Didn't see a pay per view? need tickets? when the hell are they comming to ottawa? Anyway you get the point..discussion on wrestling.
A log of requests people have made, and why they were denied.
a fire extinguisher
The MOO's fire department. Serves as both extinguisher and log of extinguished verbage barfing.
A journal of Meyer's activities and discoveries exploring the world of MOO Canada, Eh?
A newsgroup where unhandled tracebacks are sent, in the hope that some bored individuals will spend the time to check them out and suggest code fixes to the responsible parties.
This can either be a mailing list or a mail folder, depending on what mood you're in...
A normal box painted black. On the top it says Suggestion Box. It has a small slit to put suggestions in.

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