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The revised Moo Canada logo. Colour coordinated with the existing toolbar.

Bigger version (600x600) 248KB

[Moo Canada, eh?]

[mOo CaNaDa, Eh?] No, I wasn't drunk when I drew this. Should look good on the 404 error page.
10KB (massive jpeg compression only made it look better!)

In the off-chance the Wizzen ever decide to write some help or other documentation...

[Statistics] This is an animated gif, reload the page to reset it. Designed for the statistics page, a Moo stock market, or anything else with graphs.

For the 'search' page.

[Who] For the 'who' page.

You've got mail!

Across the top of the feedback form. 7KB

Our logo is featured on Moo Canada's official mug, available for sale at Moo Canada's CafePress Store. Moo Canada makes no profit from the sales of these mugs.

Contact Dax if you want the Corel Photo-Paint files for the above images.

See our mascot: Candice the Coyote

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