Candice the Coyote

Moo Canada's Mascot

Candice is the lovely and talented mascot for Moo Canada, eh?. She's a coyote, an animal that is native to all of Canada. She represents the average Canadian youth. She's 16 years old, loves computers, music and conversing with her friends over the Moo. She enjoys her individuality (the singular blue hair) and shows her pride of her Canadian heritage with her favorite shirt, a Canadian flag. Candice may not be human, but then again, most Mooers don't claim to be either...

Here are some of her favorite poses:

[Candice with a flag] [Candice in black] [Candice lecturing] [Candice building something] [Candice enters the portal] [Candice takes a photograph] [Candice reads the paper] [Candice reads the noticeboard] [Candice writes a manuscript] [Candice at her computer]

Candice is featured on Moo Canada's official mousepad, available for sale at Moo Canada's CafePress Store. Moo Canada makes no profit from the sales of these mousepads.

Candice the Coyote was designed by Stormi.

See our logo: Maple Leaf Code

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