Setup for About Moo Canada (#811).

Object setup.

Object name:About Moo Canada
Parent:Generic MSP Object (#300)
Owner:Dax (#789)
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "<%=this.www_doctype_fpi%>" "<%=this.www_doctype_uri%>"><HTML><HEAD> <TITLE><%=$name%>: <></TITLE><%=$html_utils:nav_links(this:www_nav_links())%></HEAD><BODY <%=this.www_body_args%>><% page = toint(strsub(prepstr, "/", "")); %><%=this.(tostr("page_", page))%><BR CLEAR="all"><P ALIGN="center"><%=$html_utils:numberbar("<A HREF='/about/#'>", 0, page, 5)%></p><% this:tell_www_tail(@args); %></BODY></HTML><!-- Last modified by Dax (#789) on Sun Aug 11 08:37:17 2002 MDT. -->
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