Setup for Myra (#8045).

Object setup.

Object name:Myra
Location:Hangout (#6812)
Parent:Generic Guardian (#16)
Owner:Myra (#8045)
A computer teacher from New York City. I was born in 1956. Figure out how old I am! I teach students with special needs in Queens, New York. I wear sweats and tye-dye when I want to relax. I love animals, books, ... I collect watches, trolls, puppets and crystals.Come by and say hello anytime! __________________________________________ _____ / / / / ___ /______ / | \/ /_____ / / / ___ / nt|_____\/_____/_________/_______/\___\___________/

Physical setup.

Anchor: unanchored
Key/lock: unreadable

Player setup.

Gender:     Female
Pronouns: she, her, her, hers, herself, She, Her, Her, Hers, Herself.

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