Setup for PT1b (#5667).

Object setup.

Object name:PT1b
Location:Junk Pile [DT] (#2463)
Parent:Generic Letter (#155)
Owner:Dax (#789)
There appears to be some writing on the permit...

Physical setup.

Anchor: unanchored
Key/lock: unreadable

Note setup.

Congratulations! One question down, two to go. You can take a break now, and continue the test at any future time.About Question #2:The second question (about the @messages system) has a 20 minute time-limit. If you disconnect before answering, you will fail the test. After you have correctly answered the second question, you can take a break for as long as you like before starting the last question.If you feel you are ready for next question, type 'accept permit' and the test will begin. If you don't want to take the test, type 'burn permit'.Good luck!
Encryption: unreadable

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Destroy this object utterly and irretrievably.

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