Setup for MOO Canada Feedback (#560).

Object setup.

Object name:MOO Canada Feedback
Location:Junk Pile [DT] (#2463)
Parent:Generic Feedback Form (#559)
Owner:Dax (#789)
<IMG SRC="" WIDTH=539 HEIGHT=34 ALT="[Pencil]"><BR CLEAR="all">Use this form to send a note to <A HREF="/wizzen">the Wizzen</A>, or email them at <a href=""></A>.<FORM METHOD="post"><H3>Please enter some information about yourself:</H3><OL><LI>Your Name: <INPUT TYPE="text" SIZE="32" NAME="from" VALUE="$1"><LI>Your Email Address: <INPUT TYPE="text" SIZE="32" NAME="email" VALUE="$2"><BR><I><SMALL>(A reply to your message is impossible without your e-mail address.)</SMALL></I></OL><H3>Please enter your comment below:</H3><TEXTAREA NAME="comment" ROWS="10" COLS="70" WRAP="hard"></TEXTAREA><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE=" Send the Comment "></FORM><HR><P>If you have been @newted or @toaded, and wish to leave a complaint, please fill out the <A HREF="">Complaint Form</A>

Physical setup.

Anchor: unanchored
Key/lock: unreadable


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The confirmation page:

<B>Your comment has been received by the MOO Canada Wizzen. It will be read within a few hours. Thank-you!</B>
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