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Object name:Top Moo objects for the Web
Parent:Generic MSP Object (#300)
Owner:Dax (#789)
<HTML><HEAD> <% this:tell_www_head(@args); %></HEAD><BODY <%=this.www_body_args%>><H1><> (<%=this%>)</H1><p>This is a list of the most interesting Moo objects on the web. If you are a Moo user and you have created a cool web object, send <a href="/feedback">the Wizzen</a> some mail if you want your object included on this list.<img src="" WIDTH=244 HEIGHT=322 align="right" alt="[Candice building...Something]"><%desc = hit = {};for y in (properties(this)) if ($recycler:valid(x = toobj(y)) && x != #0) desc = {@desc, tostr("<DT>", $www:link(x), "<DD>", this.(y), " <I>(", x.www_counter, "&nbsp;hits)</I>")}; hit = {@hit, -x.www_counter}; endifendfor$tcm || (desc = $list_utils:sort(desc, hit));%><DL><%=desc%></DL><><B>This page has been visted <%=$su:group_number(this.www_counter)%> times.</B><% this:tell_www_tail(@args); %></BODY></HTML><!-- Last modified by MadHatter (#8371) on Thu Aug 1 12:16:59 2002 MDT. -->
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