Examining you (#2027)

Owned by Cecil.
Location a safe.
Child of Generic Thing (#5) [Examine].
Has no children.
Has no contents.

2 properties on you (#2027) [Examine]
.conjugationsCecil (#7407){{"is", "are"}, {"was", "were"}, {"does", "do"}, {"has", "have"}, {"lies", "lie"}}
.help_msgCecil (#7407)rc{"This object is useful for announcing messages that switch between third and second person when addressed to the appropriate parties in a room.", "", "Verbs:", "", " :verb_sub(STR verbspec) -> conjugates the given verb into singular form", " :say_ac...

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3 verbs on you (#2027) [Examine]
:verb_subCecil (#7407)rx  this none this
:say_action do_actionCecil (#7407)rx  this none this
:fixposCecil (#7407)rx  this none this

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0 files on you (#2027) [Examine]

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