Setup for Object Tree (#1997).

Object setup.

Object name:Object Tree
Parent:Generic MSP Object (#300)
Owner:Daryl (#3887)
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "<%=this.www_doctype_fpi%>" "<%=this.www_doctype_uri%>"><HTML><HEAD><%this:tell_www_head(@args)%><link REL="icon" HREF="/favicon.ico" TYPE="image/x-ico"><link REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="/favicon.ico"></HEAD><BODY <%=this.www_body_args%>><CENTER><%=$html_utils:tabbar(3, "Search", "/search", "Grep", "/grep", "Tree", "/tree", "Audit", "/audit", "Names", "/names")%></CENTER><IMG SRC="<%=$www.fileURL%>/pics/mc_search.jpg" ALIGN="right" WIDTH=210 HEIGHT=127 ALT="[Search icon]"><H2>Object Tree</H2>Search or browse a hierarchical view of all the Moo's objects.<P> <APPLET CODEBASE="" CODE="tree.class" WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=400> <!-- datafile name defaults to data.txt, relative to the code's dir --> <!-- the data file *must* be on the same server as the code --> <PARAM NAME="datafile" VALUE="data-big.txt"> <!-- linkbase defaults to the location of this HTML page --> <!-- each object's url is made up of the linkbase plus its object # --> <!-- set linkbase to "" to disable all links --> <PARAM NAME="linkbase" VALUE=""> <!-- colors are specified in the usual RRGGBB way --> <PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="000000"> <PARAM NAME="textcolor" VALUE="ffffff"> <PARAM NAME="bulletcolor" VALUE="ffffff"> <PARAM NAME="arrowcolor" VALUE="6688ff"> <!-- font defaults to TimesRoman of size 12 --> <PARAM NAME="fontname" VALUE="TimesRoman"> <PARAM NAME="fontsize" VALUE="12"> <!-- subtle behaviour tweaking; all default to 0. Suggest setting them all to 1 if using frames. --> <!-- should clicking on a bullet activate the link (1), or do nothing (0)? --> <PARAM NAME="bulletlink" VALUE="0"> <!-- should clicking an arrow activate the link (1), or not (0)? Arrow will open/close regardless. --> <PARAM NAME="arrowlink" VALUE="0"> <!-- should clicking on text open/close the item (1), or not (0)? Link will activate regardless. --> <PARAM NAME="textopen" VALUE="0"> <!-- where the find box should be located (North vs. South) --> <!-- remove parameter to remove find box --> <PARAM NAME="find" VALUE="South"> [Sorry, you need a Java-enabled browser.] </APPLET><BR>[Last update: <%= ctime(this.last_kick) %>]<P><P>For more information about the Object Tree, see the <A HREF="">documentation</A>.<% this:tell_www_tail(@args); %></BODY></HTML><!-- Last modified by Dax (#789) on Thu Dec 15 14:22:31 2005 MST. -->
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