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<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "<%=this.www_doctype_fpi%>" "<%=this.www_doctype_uri%>"><HTML><HEAD> <TITLE><%=$name%>: <></TITLE><%=$html_utils:nav_links(this:www_nav_links())%></HEAD><BODY <%=this.www_body_args%>><H1>Documentation for <I>Moo Canada, eh?</I></H1><IMG SRC="" ALIGN="right" HEIGHT=240 WIDTH=156 ALT="[Documentation!]"><H2>Introductory</H2><UL><LI><A HREF="/about">About Moo Canada, eh?</A> What is the Moo, and how to get started.<LI><A HREF="/inc">About Moo Canada Inc.</A> The non-profit organization that runs the Moo.<LI><A HREF="/wizzen">About The Wizzen.</A> The administrative body of the Moo.<LI><A HREF="/candice">Candice.</A> The Moo's mascot.<LI><A HREF="/logo">Maple leaf code.</A> The Moo's logo.</UL><H2>Tutorials</H2>We have prepared five tutorials specifically designed for the users of our Moo. Don't just <B>read</B> them; <B>do</B> them!<UL><LI><a href="<%=$www:fileURL(this, "")%>play_tut.html">Player's tutorial</a>.Four simple lessons that teach you the basics of the Moo.<LI><a href="<%=$www:fileURL(this, "")%daryl_builders_tut.html">Builder's tutorial (by Daryl)</a>. Learn how to build objects on the Moo.<LI><a href="<%=$www:fileURL(this, "")%>edit_tut.html">Editor's tutorial</a>.Step-by-step instructions on how to use the editor in the Moo.<LI><a href="<%=$www:fileURL(this, "")%>prog_tut.html">Programmer's tutorial</a>.Teach yourself how to program verbs in the Moo.<LI><a href="/stealth">Stealth Mooing</a>.How to Moo when you shouldn't.</UL><H2>Technical</H2>There are also several documents of a more technical nature.<UL><LI><A HREF="/stats">Statistics</A> Who, what, where, when?<LI>The <a href="<%=$www:fileURL(this, "")%>ProgrammersManual_toc.html">Programmer's Manual</a>is the complete referance manual for the 1.8.0p5 Moo server.<LI>The <a href="<%=$www:fileURL(this, "")%>changelog.html">Change Log</a> for the LambdaMOO server.<LI>Documentation for the <a href="">File I/O patch</A> that is installed.<LI><A HREF="">Multilingualism</A>, and why we abandoned it.</UL><H2>External</H2>Our picks of the best Moo material on the web.<UL><LI><A HREF="">Rachel's Super Moo List</A> contains links to dozens of other Moos.<LI><a href="">The Lost Library of Moo</a> is <I>the</I> classic site of Moo material. Unfortunately it is nolonger being updated.</UL>This page has been visited <%=this.www_counter%> times.<% this:tell_www_tail(@args); %></BODY></HTML><!-- Last modified by Dax (#789) on Sat Sep 21 07:37:17 2002 MDT. -->
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