Holder (#8934)

You see a project which needs a description.

It is asleep.
It is carrying Generic Card, Generic Card Case, Catspaw card, Grassy Knoll card, Megabyte Road card, Forest card, Administration Building card, Post Office card, Postman card, Housekeeper card, Repo_Man card, Tutor card, Vector Tower card, WildRose_Guest card, Dogwood_Guest card, PrairieCrocus_Guest card, PurpleViolet_Guest card, PitcherPlant_Guest card, Mayflower_Guest card, WhiteTrillium_Guest card, MountainAvens_Guest card, LadySlipper_Guest card, RedLily_Guest card, FleurDeLys_Guest card, Fireweed_Guest card, Loonie_Guest card, Twoonie_Guest card, Penny_Guest card, Nickel_Guest card, Dime_Guest card, Mackenzie_Guest card, Laurent_Guest card, Macdonald_Guest card, Canada_Guest card, Honour_Guest card, Favour_Guest card, Mars card, Earth card, Neptune card, Jupiter card, Saturn card, Uranus card, Pluto card, and Mercury card.

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