B2 (#4680)

Your eyes slowly wander to BlitzBoy, A tall, 5'10 and a half, slightly tanned, and fairly overall handsome guy. His short, dirty blonde hair, dangles from atop his head, well groomed and cut, put up at the front abit. As you slowly look upon him, your eyes wander to his, deep and blue, fairly small, In them, You see inside of BlitzBoy, You see much Hatred, Corruption, and Evil. You feel a quick jolt of fear hit your body and You quickly turn away, but you feel you must look again, once more, to see if he is such an evil man, You then see Love, Compassion, and Holyness in his soft blue eyes, You feel well reassured of him, that He is a force of Good.

He is a young but very powerful knight, his sword, Carsomyr, sheated at his back, You are insilled with a sense of nobility, and valiance in this boy. There are dark runes on his body, tatooed in with special ink, imbueing him with magical powers and ablities, some of which, he knows, others, he dosnt. You feel a very powerful aura of strength and power from him, You feel that, with Him, You'll be safe, against Him, You'll be in harms way.

You then start to look at therest of his body, fairly muscley, very powerful. He wears a blue - navy bunny hug, and abit of a yellow t-shirt poking out the bottem and collar. His legs and clothed in deep deep blue jeans. There are small black shoes on his feet, letting him be very quick on foot. On his hand, is a silver ring, set with rubies, from his very beautiful, and very special friend, Kyane. Very finely crafted, it carries alot of sentimental value. He is a knight, that needs no armor, His powerful love, and strength, are defence enough from anything.

You see the hilt of his sword, poking out from behind his head, the hilt is gold, with encrusted gems. The power of the elements imbued in this sword. BlitzBoy is a very powerful force, for Good, a Vanquisher of evil. Be on the good side of him, All the better for you, Get on the bad... Just dont,

He yawns deeply and cannot resist the temptation of sleep. He lays on the floor and starts sleeping with a light snore.
He is carrying Huge Bin of Projects.

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