Wizard Utilities (#45)

Wizard Utilities
The following functions are substitutes for various server builtins.
Anytime one feel tempted to use one of the expressions on the right,
use the corresponding one on the left instead. This will take care
of various things that the server (for whatever reason) does not handle.

:set_programmer(object) object.programmer = 1;
chparent object to $prog
send mail to $prog_log

:set_player(object[,nochown]) set_player_flag(object,1);
set player flag,
add name/aliases to $player_db,
and maybe do a self chown.

:unset_player(object[,newowner]) set_player_flag(object,0);
unset player flag,
remove name/aliases from $player_db
chown to newowner if given

:set_owner(object, newowner) object.owner = newowner;
change ownership on object
change ownership on all +c properties
juggle .ownership_quotas

:set_property_owner(object, property, newowner)
change owner on a given property
if this is a -c property, we change the owner on all descendants
for which this is also a -c property.
Polite protest if property is +c and newowner != object.owner.

:set_property_flags(object, property, flags)
change the permissions on a given property and propagate these to
*all descendants*. property ownership is changed on descendants
where necessary.

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