Tutor (#935)

You see before you an old, dignified tutor. This old Tutor has seen it all, and you know that he can teach you a lot about the ways and lore of the MOO.

I have been programmed to teach the following subjects:
1) Movement -- Directional movement, walk around down town.
2) Looking -- Who is online; looking at objects.
3) Talking -- Say, emote, page, whisper.
4) Handling -- Getting and dropping objects, dispensers.
5) Building -- Creating a room, describing it, making exits
To receive a lesson type: say Tutor, teach me about <whatever>
Hi! I'm the Tutor, but I'm currently undergoing repairs. I was programmed in 1997, but the MOO has changed so much since then that I no longer work! I should be working sometime in early September of 2000.
Tutor is currently being overhauled by Drizzt (#4017) and Norm (#4805).

He is asleep.
He isn't carrying anything.

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