==============| GET OUT OF MY HEAD! |================

Out oflue> your Mind (#4344)

As you walk in, you notice that you are in a huge vortext. Huge silver rings follow a thin glass walk way. Blue, red, yellow, black, and white lights surounds the walkway. As you walk down the walkway you begin to hear a song, you can't quite put your finger on what it is.. But it rememinds you of the way home. A strong feeling that this is the way to return to your world. As you keep on walking, the music gets louder, and louder until you are standing on a large circular platform, still made out of glass. As you look through it you see an endless mirage of colors of all sorts. On the platform many people raving people are having a blast to the loud music. Welcome to the Raver's Addiction.

This room has no conventional exits.

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