The quota-box (#2820)

The MOO Canada Quota-Box allows users to get quota for free. All withdraws of quota are logged. Any abuse of freely given quota, for example, idiotic use, and massive database bloating, will be punishable by the withdraw of a user's priviledge to build objects. An abuser will be stripped of quota and all his or her objects will be recycled.

Strict huh? Be good.

To take out quota, type 'take 5k 5o 5dk from box', to take out 5 kilobytes, 5 objects, and 5 disk kilobytes.

The quota box can only give out 40 quota points per day. That amounts to 10 object quota, 20 kilobytes of byte quota, or 40 kilobytes of disk quota.

The quota-box is in Administration Building [DT].

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