MOO Canada POP3 Daemon v1.7 (#110)

The SchoolNet MOO POP3 Server Daemon v1.5 by Raptor (#6319)

Using the MOO-POP3 Daemon:

To use the MOO-POP3 Daemon, you will first need an Internet E-Mail application, such as Eudora, Pegasus Mail, or Netscape Messenger. Whatever program you choose, it must support the POP3 protocol (as specified by Request for Comments [RFC] 1725).

Enter the program's `Preferences' menu, and then enter the following information:

POP3 server:
Port: 110
Authentication Style: Password Authentication
POP3 user name:
POP3 address:

If any of these parameters is not present in your E-Mail Agent program, then don't panic, it is probably automatically set by the program somehow. These are the only settings you will need to access your MOO-Mail from the Internet. For more settings, you can look at the MOO's SMTP server.

An optional parameter is whether or not you would like to leave messages on the Mail Server. Put `yes' if you would like the mail to remain on the MOO for later reading from the Telnet or Web interface, or `no' if you'd like to keep it in an offline file, for reading within your E-Mail agent.


* Message headers are processed according to the RFC822 protocol. Some headers may look odd, or may not be significant at all. As long as they work.

* This POP3 Server Daemon does NOT support APOP authentication, or use of the AUTH command. Please remember to set your E-Mail Agent application to use password authentication.

* If you would like to be able to reply to and send MOO-Mail from your E-Mail Agent, the settings and parameters are described by the MOO SMTP server (#25).

* This POP3 Server Daemon is not an official release of a POP3 server. It is intended only to allow the MOO users to interact with the MOO on more than just the Telnet interface, by also using many existing TCP/IP networking applications and protocols.

All comments, bug reports and errors encountered should be directed to Raptor.
This MOO-POP3 Server Daemon was programmed entirely by Raptor (#6319), with the help of manta (#7165) and Cecil (#7407).

POP3 Protocol Specifications referenced from the Request for Comments (RFC) specifications manual section 1725.

Internet Mail Messages Specifications referenced from the Request for Comments (RFC) specifications manual, section 822.

For a complete guide to the RFC Protocol Specifications, visit

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