Ottawa picnic (#828)

[Candice the Photographer] Every year large numbers of MOO users from the Ottawa area gather for a picnic. It is a chance to finally meet the people we've been talking to for so long.

1st The 1995 picnic was held shortly after the MOO's first birthday.

2nd The 1996 picnic was the first to have a group photograph.

3rd The 1997 picnic had a ton of photographs.

4th The 1998 picnic was the last under the 'SchoolNet' name.

5th The 1999 picnic attracted players from far and wide.

6th The 2000 picnic was the biggest and best one yet.

7th The 2001 picnic was faboo.

8th The 2002 picnic was unique.

9th The ninth annual picnic is scheduled for Saturday August 16 2003, in Vincent Massey park. The picnic starts at noon, and will last about three hours. More information will be provided later.

Vincent Massey Park is located in the south of Ottawa, right across the river from Carleton University:

[Map of Ottawa]
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