Antiquated $object_utils (see #1) (#69)

These routines are useful for finding out information about individual objects.

Examining everything an object has defined on it:
all_verbs (object) => like it says
all_properties (object) => likewise
findable_properties(object) => tests to see if caller can "find" them
owned_properties (object[, owner]) => tests for ownership

Investigating inheritance:
ancestors(object[,object...]) => all ancestors
descendants (object) => all descendants
ordered_descendants(object) => descendants, in a different order
leaves (object) => descendants with no children
branches (object) => descendants with children
isa (object,class) => true iff object is a descendant of class (or ==)

Considering containment:
contains (obj1, obj2) => Does obj1 contain obj2 (nested)?
all_contents (object) => return all the (nested) contents of object

Verifying verbs and properties:
has_property(object,pname) => false/true according as object.(pname) exists
has_verb (object,vname) => false/{#obj} according as object:(vname) exists
has_callable_verb => same, but verb must be callable from a program
match_verb (object,vname) => false/{location, newvname}
(identify location and usable name of verB)

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