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Name(s): (old)acceptable
1: "Copied from Generic Object (#2):acceptable by Slacker (#55)Aug 16 19:25:11 1998"
2: return 0
3: "intended as a 'quiet' way to determine if :accept will succeed. Currently, some objects have a noisy :accept verb since it is the only thing that a builtin move() call is guaranteed to call."
4: "if you want to tell, before trying, whether :accept will fail, use :acceptable instead. Normally, they'll do the same thing."
5: "This verb previously owned by manta (#7165), and chowned to $slacker upon dewizarding (Sat Aug 17 14:50:04 2002 MDT)."
6: "Last modified by Dax (#789) on Sat Aug 17 14:50:04 2002 MDT."

Verb arguments: this none this
Verb perms: Readable eXecutable NOT-Debug
Verb owned by: Slacker (#55)

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