Wulfgar (#6959)


It is not apparent what he is. Based on MOO legend, It appears that in the past 2 years, Wulfgar changed from a joyous Sorcerer to what is seen before you.
His hands, covered in black runes seem to pull your attention toward them. Through his dark cloak, you can see bright golden eyes apparently in an hour-glass form.
He is covered in black robes and an aura of power seems to radiate from him. His very presence is fearful...
Though he believes in friendship, commitment has been and will always be unknown to him...
He is powerful, therefore it is suggested that you fear his path.
For great evil can bring Endless joy, or Deep and evil wrath...

He is asleep.
He is carrying WulfMOOtions, Kissa'nth, and Spell Book.

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