Drag (#7113)

Hello, I am Drag, a non-lethal fire breathing dragon (hey, anything's possible here).
I measure 5 feet 11, have green eyes, brown hair and am usally referred too as 'Ben' IRL.
I am an old MOOer ;) (almost 7 years) and am a good programmer (I am a programmer helper now).
You can email me at: drag@cactuscom.com, or: drag@gomer.mlink.net, or: drag@cheeful.com, and I won't give you any more of my 13 email addresses.
My homepage will be located at: http://www.cactuscom.com/drag as soon as I get my new webspace operational.
My favorite operating system is LINUX! You can get more information on Linux at: www.linux.org.. I also run my own Linux server, you can try accessing it to see if it's up (I don't have a dedicated connection right now): http://edge.ath.cx:81.
If you need specific information on Linux, visit the Linux Documentation home page: http://sunsite.unc.edu/linux/

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