Wingy's MOOzilla FO (#4980)

Hi! This FO is used for torturing the MOOzilla MOO client. Look for a HYPER GO/STOP switch nearby. After you type HYPER GO, try typing BUTTONS. Tests in progress. @pic someurl, @ann any_text_or_html, @bert [me], @styles, hypreport, ARE ALL OPERATIONAL! Remember your control-L screen clearer. Put Quicktime 6 plugin(s) in your Mozilla plugins directory in order to view many of the advanced demos. Also, if you have problems getting any html to work in here, try making sure your @render is set to include HTML and your @accents are set to HTML as well. You might want to look into ?#4980:` too! Party on! Try the Mozilla-beefy MOOzwaxer object markup proxy too...

Wingy's MOOzilla FO is in Wingy.

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