The MoozWaxer (#2451)

The moozwaxer is 1/5 of a package of proxy markup objects that child to the generic query object. The moozwaxer will make ANY object... look great in Moozilla. It also does quite well with HTML markup targetted for css2-ready HTML browses of objects via the moo's web daemon. The intra-moo part of the moozwaxer is a user layer. The extra-moo part is not a daemon, but still a user layer, and it works well with all sorts of web daemon. Web-based documentation for a moozwaxer-type object can be found at . The test room for this object is #4153 on Moo Canada. Enter that room with Moozilla, then type LOOK. All comments most welcome.

The MoozWaxer is in Junk Pile [DT].

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