Mail Room (#48)


say <text> w*hat
emote <text> subj*ect [<text>]
lis*t [<range>] [nonum] to [<rcpt>..]
ins*ert [<ins>] ["<text>] also-to [<rcpt>..]
n*ext,p*rev [n] ["<text>] reply-to [<rcpt>..]
enter showlists,un
del*ete [<range>] who [<rcpt>..]
f*ind /<str>[/[c][<range>]] pri*nt
s*ubst /<str1>/<str2>[/[g][c][<range>]]
m*ove,c*opy [<range>] to [<ins>] send
join*l [<range>] undo
fill [<range>] [@<col>] abort

---- Do `help <cmdname>' for help with a given command. ----

<ins> -> $ (the end) | [^]n (above line n) | _n (below line n) | . (current)
<range> -> <lin> | <lin>-<lin> | from <lin> | to <lin> | from <lin> to <lin>
<lin> -> n | [n]$ (n from the end) | [n]_ (n before .) | [n]^ (n after .)
`help insert' and `help ranges' describe these in detail.

This room has no conventional exits.

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