TheDemocracyMachine (#9299)

Hobbes, that irrepressible tiger with the cynical view of nature, stands before you. His tail flicks back and forth playfully, and, while he's smiling now, it won't take much to turn it into an expression of pure scorn. - An ever changing work in progress designed to help would-be webmasters. - Nick's web hosting company - The best place to register domains. - The Register, good IT news with a sarcastic spin. Also home to the Bastard Operator From Hell 2000 series.

So now you know a bit more of what my personality is like. The next step would actually be talking to me . . . But please, please, PLEASE, use proper grammar and correct spelling when ya do so, k?

He is asleep.
He is carrying MOO Canada NNTP object.

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