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Showing help on Generic Teachable Dog (#9239)

This is the Generic Teachable Dog. It can be petted or patted. You can also 'tell' it to do things, as in 'tell dog to speak'. The commands the dog recognizes are given with @teach. You can use '@teachok is on' to allow anybody to use @teach, or '@teachok is off' so that only the owner can use @teach. You can use @unteach to remove commands. 'Commands ' lists the things the dog has been taught. You can 'give' the dog things but it only uses the first thing it's carrying if it has more than 1. You can change the dogs gender with the command: @gender is

Note: Just as in the physical world, some folks won't appreciate you bringing your pet into their space without asking first. For example, a noisy pet can cause confusion to those who are new to MOOing- as well as cause disruption in some situations.

- Ported to GR with permission of Miles/Kyster@Lambda.

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