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Showing help on Cecil's miscellaneous utilities (#7070)

^ '^-# ^=# Cecil's Feature of Wierd Junk ^=# ^-#

This just happens to be a small FO I made, with some neat little

verbs on it (mostly ones I programmed for myself, but thought others

might find them useful, so I threw them all onto a FO) that you can

try out, if you want. :) Here's a list of the verbs, and what they


@laugh/klaugh []


That generally irritating that Kefka does (if you've ever played Final

Fantaasy III, you'll know what I'm talking about. :)

@laugh will say that you laughed at that person, and

@laugh will create your own demented laugh. Fool

around with it, see what it does. :)



This verb returns a nicely columnised inventory of the given person,

with some special little things added on, like the number of verbs it

has, who owns it, and that kind of junk.



Searches all the features on the MOO (or just features you have, if you use

findverb instead of fofind or findfo) for a verb with and tells

all the matches it found. Extremely useful for finding out what feature has

that little verb you always use, when you want to tell someone else what

feature it's on so they can @addfeature it.



Allows players/builders to do math problems, without having access to

an eval.



Stupid little verb that tells you the amount of time left before

summer starts... or, next summer if its already summer. :) Good for

all us school-hating people. :)

Quick note: If the end of your school year isn't the same as mine,

(which I don't doubt) just @prop me.school_end... @d #7407.school_end

to see how you should @set the prop.



Another stupid verb. :) This lets you talk in moogle language. It's

completely randomized, and has no bearing on reality... same as me.

Anyway, if you like to be a moogle, try this one out. (BTW, this is

another Final Fantasy-type verb, again)

Oh my... That's /ALL/ the verbs on my FO? How depressing... I'll

have to put more verbs on! All suggestions welcome!!! PLEASE!!!

There are also a bunch of verbs that I wrote on this feature that

actually have nothing to do with the feature anyway. I just use

#7070 as my object of little verb utilites and junk. Here's the

programmer-callable verbs on it:

:numbered_list(string list[, sep]) => Returns a list with numbers appended

^ Eto the front. for example:

:numbered_list({"foo","bar"})^ (=> {"1. foo", "2. bar"}

:numbered_list({"blah","foof"}, "--") => {"1--blah","2--foof"}

:max / :min => same as the builtins, except if a list or string is entered

^ .as one of the arguments, it will substitute in the length

^ .of the string or list, instead of returning E_TYPE.

:max_data / :min_data => same as above, except it will return the actual

^ 8largest/smallest string/list, instead of its

^ 8length like the above verb will.

:random_from(list) => is exactly the same as [random(length())],

^ 5except easier to type. =)


Another wonderfully wacky Cecil product. Mail him with gripes,

comments, suggestions, flames, etc, etc, etc.

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