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Showing help on MOOYathzee (#7007)


This is a MOO version of the popular game. More detailed information on scoring and the boxes can be found by typing "rules" or "instructions".

The Commands:

play or join - This adds you to the game.

st*art - This starts the game.

r*ol*l [dice] - Use this on your first roll to roll the dice.

is a string of numbers that you wish to discard.

Example: you have 3, 4, 5, 5 and 6 and you want to get rid of

the 3 and the two 5s, so you type: "roll 355".

pl*ace or u*se [any] - Attempts to put your current dice into the box numbered .

(The scoreboard contains the numbers for the boxes.)

def*ine [any] - Gives the definition of the box numbered and displays

the score you get for using it.

quit - Quits the game.

reset - Resets the game.

Note: The scoreboard, top scores and dice can be looked at anytime.

Examples: look at scoreboard, look at top scores, or look at dice

This game was programmed by Jay (#8438), please send him any comments, suggestions, bugs or complaints.

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