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1. Creating a all-in-one room:

if you already have a room and you want it to become a all-in-one room:

@chparent to #3310


@create #3310 called

2. Using your room:

the generic all-in-one room has many interesting abilites - such as bulit-in seats, locks, showing of exits, etc. - here is what I have so far:

lock/unlock/open/close/secure/unsecure - this will lock/unlock your room to the public. (note: the room is always open to residents, the owner and those who you've invited.)

@invite - invites a player to your room (the messages can be changed)

@uninvite - causes the player's invite to 'expire'

@room-options/@roomoptions - a computer-like interface which toggles a few of the room's options

been/people - gives a list of all those who've entered your room since its creation

All verbs are documented - type: "?#3310:" for info.

For information on the integrated seats and details see '?#3309'.


This room was programmed by Jay (#8438); MOO-Mail any comments, suggestions, flames, bugs, or spelling errors to him.

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