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Showing help on The Warehouse [MI] (#3785)

This room is very simple to use and customize. It's features are also simple, yet very handy, and new ones are always being added. Here's a feature list:

* Night/Day descriptions - changes the description of the room, based on sunrise and sunset. Uses EST as a base time zone.

* Dawn/Dusk messages - prints messages to the room at sunrise and sunset automaticly everyday. Occurs at approximatly the same time as dawn and dusk in Ottawa.

* Child of #1606 - means a custom 'say' verb installed, and .gps and .help_msg properites in place already.

* Automated exit list, with display control to limit exits listed.

* 'Fact' messages - to build on to the educational part of your room, this adds an easy way to display quick educational messages.

*** NEW! *** Pueblo-enhancement allows a user to easily add an extra dimension to their rooms for Pueblo users. These include images, sounds, background music, and general textual enhancments. Images cen easily be replaced with VRML, if you would like that implemented as well.

*** Warning: You have reached the end of this help file, as the rest is not written yet...please try again later. ***

*** Appended warning: This room isn't really generic yet. Perhaps later, once all of the bugs have been removed. ***

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