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Showing help on George (#3721)

This is the generic pettable animal by Cecil. I'll be adding a lot to it very

soon, since I'm bored and I have lots of time on my hands. Anyway, here are

the features it has so far:

pet (this) -- Pets your pet. Announces .oreact_to_pet_msg to

everyone except the person who petted it, and

.react_to_pet_msg to the person who petted it.

@addcode (letter) to (this) -- sets up your pet to work like a puppet. when I say 'puppet', I mean that it can listen like a bug does, and it can move around and talk. It's a bug with a personality, instead of a bug that has your name. ;) To make your pet do commands, do the following: "cd(letter) (command)". For example, if you wanted your pet to grin, and the letter you chose was 'x', you'd type "cdx grin"

@follow (this) to (on / off) -- tells the animal whether to follow you or not. It has the ability to follow you around whenever you leave a room. Have fun with it. :)

@listen (this) to (on / off) -- If listening is set to on you will hear everything the pet hears, if it's in a room other than the one you're in. This defaults to off if it's not set up as a puppet, or on if it is.

NOTE: I'm unable to put some verbs on the object itself because they are

for use at a distance. I put these on the Pettable Animal FO (#5451). Add

it, there'll be help for it soon.


Another great and happy Cecil Product. Mail me with praise/complaints.

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