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Showing help on TicketMaster (#338)

TicketMaster is an access control object for web objects. It only has one verb:

:authorized(who, what) => is who authorized to view what

How to use TicketMaster to restrict access to an object:

1) @copy $ticketmaster:tell_www_page_demo to :tell_www_page

2) @prop .ticketmaster_mode 0

0 - There are no access restrictions ($ticketmaster is inactive).

1 - Only webbers who have logged in ($no_one is not welcome).

2 - Users need to either control the object (owner, wizards) or be listed in the object's .ticketmaster_users prop.

3) @prop .ticketmaster_users {}

You may set these two properties manually, or you can go to:


(where 1234 is your object's number)

This will present you with a form for easy setup.

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