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Showing help on Junk Pile [DT] (#2463)

This room is a slightly-enhanced version of the standard $room. The main differences are:

1) The say verb has been modified so that it has three messages, selecting among them based on the final punctuation of the player's speech:

"Hello. => Player says, "Hello."

"How are you? => Player asks, "How are you?"

"What a nice day! => Player exclaims, "What a nice day!"

2) The say verb also automatically corrects SEcond LEtter CApitalization ERrors (try saying: HEllo). These errors account for aproximately 25% of all mechanical typos.

3) HTML tags which are opened but not closed during a 'say' or emote (eg. <H1>) are closed automaticaly.

4) Objects with the name "} hidden {" do not appear to be in the room's contents when you look. These objects may have other aliases that allow them to be referenced easilly.

This feature is usefull for adding objects that are only refered to in the room's description, or by other objects in the room. It may also be used to hide bugs. The restriction is that the object must 'belong' in that room: it uses the same requirements as the housekeeper's clean_me function (see: ?clean_me).

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